Written by Famos Amos Bey

So patient is SHE
So wonderfully and beautifully made
Perfected by her flaws.. you see,
And yet nothing is ever more craved.

Every inch is divine, every word in due time.
Her silence is so loud and her loudness is sound.
Her beauty like Th butterfly, to See.. Th caterpillar had to die.
She pleads for you and I, to let go and let Th pillars die...(sigh)

She is father time and brings forth a Sun to Shine
Sun came forth and turned water into wine
Her son is her reflection, giving heat for her protection
Th Rays measure all days and her laws we must obey

Her laugh inspires laughter and her kiss is spiritual
Yet to be felt in Th physical... Takes her time cuz life is so mystical.
Many talk about her ancient days and many yearn to hear her wisdom of Th Age.
Let go and let Yah is Her story from Th Sage

She is steadfast, like a turtle nothin' outlasts, 
Others run fasts like a rabbit but she just laughs
Knowin' she's independent, Knowin' she is Th Empress
Can't face time without her givin' Th last sentence.

Age is illusion for she is Alpha and Omega
She is Allah. She is Buddah. She is Rastah. Th Lion of Yehuda.
She is Amaru. She is Th Pyramid
Sirius A,B, and C, Orion and Euclid

Th Mother of Geometry, Mathematics and Psychology
Ethics, Morals and Values come from Root of her Holy Tree
She is Th Seed and fruit, Faith and action
No ones ship can set sail without permission from our captain.

Th Mind, Body, Spirit. Th Message, her Son Delivers Et. 
Get yah monkey ass back to nature, take heed or here comes IT.
Fruition from her Intuition, her design, so sublime.
Th Holy Tri-Une, just 13 of a kind.

What is life without her touch,
What is adrenaline without her Rush.
Is it possible to live without her
How did humanity ever come to doubt her.

Always there when yah need someone to lean on, Tree.
Need Honey she gives you Th Golden One, Bee.
Need Water she gives it in abundance, Taste.
Her Food so Organic but this world is so tragic, Waste.

Feeds you when yah hungry, gives drink to Th thirsty
Gives you energy when you know you don't deserve it Bee
Puts up with yah bullsh*t, composts IT, gives yah Tru Sh*t
Change yah ways or head straight to the fiery PIT

From Th Yoniverse to Th Universe
She embodies all gifts and deadly curse
She is Th Green and Red.
Royalty is her Bed. 

Loves you to life. Hates you to death.
Gives you free will and keeps all in check.
Keeps Th suspense. No respect to ceiling or floor.
Th world awaits Th Moors. Patience is knocking on heavens doors.

Dedicated to All Queens, Wombs, Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunties, Sisters, Cousins, Nieces, Neterus, etc. ThAnkh Yah for Patience. 13LOVE