Written by SunChild Olivia 13 Bey

What happened to writing music from the Ancestors?

Healing our mind away from the deceptors,

Because nature is like nectar,

Sweetens the hearts, soul blending them like honey,

But no,

All you think about is fame and all the money,

You can’t even think of a decent harmony,

Because you are owned by the economy,

But its now broke,

And you have been played,

So you are now a debtors of society,

Haah, You are complying still?

So you steal all the real to make fake?

Having your cake and eating it to?

I think not!

Like I said previously,

Soon will be the rise of A Nu dawn,

Where all the sellers of souls will mourn,

On all the talent wasted just to win the competition?

Haah Competition!

You already lost in this so called dominion,

For a real winner works like a team,

Not an individual,

There is no I in Team,

But I guess your eyes are still drawn to the material


Just so that you can fit in this stereotypical “reality”,


Please Honey wake up!

Because if you only knew,

You are the REAL ONE.