Written by Ma'Ran Patrycyus Dada Dey

Don't you realize/ the planet alive/ intelligent in essence/ beautiful carbonated mother elegance/ sun alive too/ shine glow bright raw power masculine/ any cloud beaming through/ solar flares keep the air warm/ vessel from the dirt so earth strong/ inhale exhale 10 seconds long/ match that frequency/ no you not listening/ aura field glistening/ more hot than a skillet/ don't have to tell if you feel it/ so called radical bare feet grounded/ yin yang in throughout balance/ keep it stagnant when I meditate/ no narrow path stay straight/ in due time ride the wave/ glide virtually away/ through RA I should say/ sail on a boat in space/ to a heavenly place/ float on the waters/ murky depTHs deep/ that first eye th only way to see/ TMHs is with we/ rejoice err1 is happy/ cover th dome feel earth beneath feet/ naturally clean teeth just grab fruit from tree/ look up on power line birds are tweeting/ beautiful melody start dancing to th beat/ ets a Awesun feeling/ ninesun stay info reeling/ pulling us in humble now ego sink from th ceiling/ ascend up is th mission/ focus righteous & determined ...