Written by Ma'Ran Patrycyus Dada Dey

Stay bliss/ even when life a mess/ digress/ no stress/ say th truth with your chest/ TMHs simply th greatest/ no not boasting just confidence/ unlimited faith/ humble bee walk with grace/ no keeping up steady pace/ plant them soles everydey/ reconnected with mama like a Bey Bey/ in the womb of our creators/ within herself out came her/ then we all together/ a family/ illusions divide & conquer th/ appreciate & love all don't take it for granted/ full potential on the rise my feet have to stay planted/ with planet mama/ one of the many physical manifestations of Amma/ Ramember then you'll see she in all us/ have to be modest & righteous/ stop thinking you alone th favorite/ th whispers are lies from Satan/ 13alance is th key/ then easily decipher between th/ who speak nicely/ inner over Satan/ th spell for many have broken ...