Written by Salem Morrison Bey

Wake up child
Sleepy Golden Child
Awaken from amnesia
Of millenia's past

Arise and breathe
Th Divine Essence of All
Sip slowly the sweet nectar
Of immortality
th ever-pervading Ether

Arise and shine
Child of the Most Highs
And wipe from your eyes
The sands of time
Gaze into the rising sun
And bask in Her glory

Hum your hymns of healing and love
Vibrations rising to Heaven above
Hymns of gratitude
For this beautiful gift of life
Bringing divine dissolution
of anguish and strife

Arise and dive
Deep into Cosmic Waters
Th infinite waters which birthed you
Dark matter womb, our Mother Mu
Suckle the breast of Big Amma Mama
Drink of her life giving ambrosia

Arise and walk
Graciously over our Great Mother Earth
She who nourishes us and gave us birth
Keep on the soil the soles of your feet
Plant yourself, sinking roots so deep

Hear the Ravens caw
In forests of old
Keepers of the keys
To mysteries untold
The treasure hidden within
Ets always been there
You just have to listen

Golden children of Th Sun
Th time is now
to shed old skin
To rise from the ashes
To join with Kin
Rise in unity
With your brothers and sisters
One heart, one song, one mind
Th time is now
To bee all you can bee
To fulfill our destiny
Arise Children