Written by Meri Bennu Bey

I found myself in a parlour,

in a towering high-rise

A place unrecognizable

surrounded by blood-red skies


No one seemed to notice

They carried on carefree

I was overcome with dread

as they conversed contentedly


Inside the black foreboding clouds,

I saw a whirlwind taking shape

Before I could warn the others

the building began to shake


They ensured our safety-

comforted by distance

I pleaded we take cover

and it arrived that very instant


Panic struck the room

Revelation struck my core

This was judgment in motion,

bursting through the parlour doors


If a tornado had eyes,

I swear they locked with mine

I surrendered- let my eyelids close

Bared all my sins and secrets untold


I felt the endless sea within

send tears streaming down my face

Flawed, imperfect and afraid-

but willing to accept my fate


I stood and braced myself

for the end of all my days

I opened my eyes only to find

The whirlwind backing away


I awoke, nestled safely-

still slightly in a trance

and thanked The Most Highs with all my heart

for giving me a second chance