Written by @JoyInThSun

Is a queen still a queen if she’s never worn a crown?

Is a queen still a queen if she’s never settled down?

Is a queen still a queen if it takes her all to manage not to frown?

Is a queen still a queen when she’s fallen and breaking down?


A wombman is a gracious gift given unto the people by Th Most Highs,

A presence to be revelled in, but never fully seen by unworthy eyes.

The qualifications for being respected were never made too clear,

And now a queen is left to wonder to what rules she should adhere.


But then, a voice from somewhere far off comes calling through the air

Speaking words that for years her heart had yearned to hear,

A being of the 13th kind with sunrays in his skin

Calling forth all of Mamas right-wise children.

To hear to the call was to feel elation,

A sensation of being finally found.

To be understood is to love one’s individuality whilst standing in a crowd.

A frown dissolves into a gaping smile,

Vibrations of love and happiness emanate out for miles.

To know the purpose felt in one’s heart is not a lost cause

Gives rise to the confidence to overcome one’s flaws.

And as the queen does better herself so she betters those who are near,

And soon a community of unity in the future is near.


In the end who is it we thankh for all that we receive?

One guided by Th Most Highs might chose to disobey,

And so we thankh the right-wise Rabbi for sticking steady to the way.