Written by Raphael Moore Bey

"I need the sun so I can get a tan"
"I respect the sun because et shines for all"

"I love my pet soo much"
"When I look into my pet's eyes our souls touch"

"My mother raised me"
"I am all that she is"

Attachments are like selfish gains, 
But after removing that,
connection is all that remains.

Leave this world behind and be lifted into The Most High's arms.
Build that connection and the false attachments won't harm.

See what truly matters and leave the rest.
All Christ-beings had to do this and now we've seen the rest.

Beauty is not the surface but where the source flows
But this world is a result of being extracted and put on sale for low

Now I say this to say that...
Be invisible in a world that loves to see
They have no faith but we will forever be. 13