Written by Tranquility Kat

Heavenly Father and Mother

I trust Yah with all my heart

I will never question what you do

For AL has a purpose


I am taking heed to your word

I will be rewarded by your blissings

Yah blissings are 13Love


Th Ankh Yah for everything


Guide me the right way never left

Use my mouth to speak when spoken 

May I only speak truth filled with 13Love 


Th Ankh Yah for everything 


Forgive me for all my wrong doings

Knowingly and unknowingly 


For each dey is ANU

To grow from my errors 


Make me right 

Form me how you designed me to bee 

I trust Yah with all my heart


Remove all my heavy burdens in my life

To become light as a feather 


Fill love and joy in my life 

Life is beauty-filled 

To be Cherished 

To be Honored 


I am I am 

A child of Th Most Highs 




Th Ankh Yah for everything 

Th Ankh Eyeyah Ahayah YHashem Yahshiyah

Th Ankh Big Amma Mama 


Life is simple when we establish righteousness


13Love 13Wisdom 13Knowledge 13RAspect