Written by SunChild Olivia 13 Bey

The world is full of endless possibilities,

Even those we cannot see,

Don’t be blindsided by Mr. Impossible,

For he will cause you to fall in the endless pit of pity,

Don’t be fooled by Mr. Competition,

For in this path there is no competitor and ye would have lost,

Don’t be whispered to by Mr. Pettiness,

For it will cause you to never get the opportunity to bee strong and rise

in any occasion,

Don’t let Mr. Jealousy latch,

We all have different gifts from The Most Highs to offer so believe in


Never be coaxed by Mr. Selfish,

For sharing is really caring.


Brethren and SeaStars,

Bee a believer,

One who propels their own dreams forward,

Share some love,

Bee a constant bringer and giver of joy and life to the hearts around you,

Bee a Cuzzin,

Always buzzin and never fussing on the past,

Bee a Bee,

Always working on Nu ideas and buzzinesses to start up,

Bee the wind and the waves,

Flowing through life even as they change,

Lastly, Bee Yahself,

Because there is no one greater than The Most Highs who live within


Bee 9.13


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