Written by Tranquility Kat

The waters roar as the lion roars

To reveal his mightiness


Just as the Water roars

She takes control 

She knows where to flow


Listen closely to the Water roars

She takes away from the moment

To become like the mighty roaring waves


My roars are my Palils 

I raise my voice louder 

Her waves become louder


The deep waters listen to my Palils


The roaring waves then comes tranquil waves


I am the roaring Waters as I speak to Th Most Highs

Showing AL my might 


Truly empowering Th Most Highs are


My Spirit becomes stronger

I build ma pyramid with diamonds

I am the roaring waves 

I will not hide my grace from Th Most Highs


They empower me

To become ANU

To be the roaring Waters

To be the tranquil Waters


I am balanced


I am the roaring waters and the tranquil waters

My Palils are the roaring waves

My love is the tranquil waves