Written by 9Ether Sol13

Els, Als, Beys, & Deys Cherish Th Day

It's the end of the times


New cycle on the rise

Time to fly

Leave ya old self behind

Sheddin skin, let Th Serpents within


Up Yah spine

Let Th Light kiss Yah Eye

Know Yahself, Be Yahself

Ain't no time to be a lie

Strive for greatness & be kind

To ya brothers & sisters

All we got is we

Rooted in the same tree

TLC, flowin with the universal breeze

Th Most High Seas all ya good & bad deeds

Ya reap what ya sow

Sow seeds of gold straight from Yah Heart & Soul

It's 9Ether Sol & Aqua Flow

Truth be told

We bros from the Ancient-Old


These the times to know....

The ledge & use ya head.....

Yah mind & bee divine

9 N' Shine, bee wise & rise

Ain't no time to be blind...

So Cherish Th Day

Earn Yah El & you will never fail to sail ⛵️🚀🌌

13Amor 13Raspect