Written by 9Ether Sol13

Soul Progression, light body ascension is in session

Atomical anamoly, wholy matrimony, krystallizing trinity, 13 cosmic mentality !

Progress Yah soul within Th Nature of UNIVERSity !

1-3 Vibration inclination, genetic stimulation, computing & calculating this reality

Discovering the answer to this dying paradigms equation

Light manifested into flesh, the time is NOW to manifest flesh into Light

6-1-6 Make Yah Temple emit..light

Spiraling 9 into Anu paradigm

Galatical clock, this the end of time

1 to 12????

Nah, from what Eye observed

Th Ethiopic record of time & seasons

Is 13 Months of Sunshine

So there's a reason why Wombman are bleeding from their wombs....

In synchronicity with the 13 cycles & phases of Th Moon inner Qi


We get 13 major joints that make up the structure of Th Skeletal Anatomy

From the base of ya skull to ya two ankles

As above, so below

13 Zodiacal Cycles around the galaxy, 360

This is Love, Freedom, Peace, Truth, & Just-is

13Reality 13Frequency 13Vibration for Yah souls progression

Read this recitation with Yah soul

Not the two holes on the OUTSIDE of Yah dome

Yah Pyramid, Yah Home, Th place we go to when we hear OM....

Th Message of Th Most Highs humming a 13melody psalm

For us to hear & see what's goin on in Rome, in duhty Babylon

13 Soul Progression inna Zion......