Written by SunChild Olivia 13 Bey

Everyday I feel revived!

As I am about to dive,

Dive in a see full of creation,

Swim across the ocean of Amma’s love,

Fly within the breaths of Her breeze,

Because living is being a tree…

You can survive through the bends of life,

Swing through the cheers of Yah own hype,

Because happiness comes from within,

And within is where They all stay.


Everyday I feel revived!

The sun warms Mah heart and keeps me alive,

Her warmth reminds me what is love.

To love is to live,

And to live is Always to love,

Never should we let the obstacles taint that,

Because we have power to paint Anu way,

Just like She painted the sky and the earth among other things,

She revived our minds just like a childs.


I am revived!

The constant experiences in life,

Show me why I should strive More,

Why I should be More,

She reminded me that I Am a Moore,

I Am a walking, talking representation of Them,

Their Royalty beams from within me,

A constant light that shines on my way,

Reminding me to learn from the past

Teaching me in the present

She gave me life,

Reviving what I thought I once lost…

My Soul!

Now I can look beyond and help revive!