Poetry by Roots Bey

Illustration by Kopper Irie Bey

lightning claps

ocean waves slaps

earth cracks

my master is mad

at the world's behalf

of dirty dance

in satan's hand

let go to rise

or stay behind

the choice is clear

15 choose to leave

85 like to stay and

become the prey

karma returns

from the days

of booze and drank

buddah stank

make-up cake

high heels that make ye ankle shake

act kind but beyond fake

saying "yo girl's a b*tch"

to a dirty snitch

slapped, lip split, dumped and hit

ye deserve what ye get 

ye dirty hypocrite

crazy how the world is

we all came from a wombman

it's just, disrespect, no intellect

only lusting grimy sex

wine, steak, cigarettes and latex

soft killer, night thriller

but, the karma is a gruesome ditch digger

hearts heavy 

rock steady

to th bottom of the pit

cry for help

to someone else

ignore the fact

that someone IN FACT

gave you endless calls

the missed ones you shoulda hit back real fast

a lifetime to answer

instead they chose

to live with ye wicked master

prepare for disaster

the fun days are over

no more beer drinking on friday nights

then Sabbath rising ye puking til your sober

while TLC and I

resc, resurrect

reflect, repent, lye still

to know how to come correct

treat everyday like the Sabbath

follow Amma's commandments

nobody is perfect

nows the time to repent

constant palils

our water spill Th Most Highs wills

Ninesun Reel2Reals

break open seals

a taste of what freedom feels

we eat blood raw 13wise-dome for our meals

TLC prophecy being fulfilled

th saying "soon you will see"

seem to appeal?

there is still sometime to look inside

if you can feel

sit still like an owl in th tree tops

gazing upon prey below in th meadow

we knew ourselves from the "get go"

poisoned by geckos

replant your feet

in order to grow tall, gotta dig deep

say to yourself

I am who Amma Mama Made me to be

I will fulfill my destiny 9.13