Written by Shaneli Bey

Page after page 

A blank with no ink

Wrote some 


Was only writing to look back 

Stayed stuck in the same page 

Some pages heavily inked 

Pages no longer white 


The book was blank and dark 

No idea where to turn 

Front or back of the page 

Instead, words were written on a blank page 

Asking for guidance 

Page after page 

The ink became clear of words 

Words of Truth 

Words from Th Heart 

No blank page 

No bookmark from a previous page 

No ink spill on the page 

Began to focus on My Book 

The current page 

To continue to write My Story 

To reveal who I am 

Began to look forward 

Some pages burnt 

Some pages watered 

Th One helping me write 

Is the hard cover from front and back 

That's Th Sovereign protector 

Th Mighty Most Highs

ThAnhk Yah