Written by Shaneli Bey

Th Most Highs presence is the scent of mint 


With each breath I inhale

I am calm 

Th Most Highs pour hyssop and cleanses me ANU 

Th Most Highs spirit is of frankincense and myrrh 

Protecting and healing 

Th Most Highs protect Yah as the Elder trees protect the garden 

Giving ThAnkhs is as calming as lavender and chamomile together 

Th Most Highs strength is of Ginseng 

Telling me to find the strength within 

The heat Th Most Highs bring is as spicy as Cayenne 

Oooo eeee

The vibration of Th Most Highs is of salt and water combined

Creating electrical currents within 

With a coat of golden honey

I am always with Yah 

Healing is Yah herbs

Sweet is Yah honey