Written by Eyeyahmoor Bey

An Owl's vision to do his mission
Must-haves, seen-a-lots
Gives The Owl unrelenting pursuit for truth
In himself and others
He sees everything but knows he must remain silent

Until he sees the time for truth to be spoken
He waits... he waits patiently
Then..."There!!" The Owl let's out a resounding WHO!!

You is who!
The sun then shines
And The Owl returns to his ancestors
to resc... charging up for next time

This is how The Owl lives
Day to night, night to Day

Under the moon the enemy lurks
The Owl watches 'ITS' every move
Then The Owl returns to the others
And releases a strengthening WHO!
What should you be?

Alert is who!
The sun then rises ready to defend the truth
Even tho The Owl returns to resc
He is in the sun ready to put the enemy to rest

This is how The Owl lives
Night to day, day to Knight

While The Owl rescs
He sees visions of himself and the others
Working together completing the mission
Enduring to the end where anu begins 

Who will make et there.
The moon rises, The Owl doesn't worry what the time is

The Owl let's out the last resounding WHO!
The others gather
Ready for battle

The way The Owl has taken
Has lead them thru never to be forsaken 13