Written by Ryan Anu Bey

Many follow the paths laid out before them without question.

Without patience, hoping to one day hold that dangling carrot

in their hands. To sit upon that higher seat as a “master of university indoctrination.”

The main trails may lead us to a certain peak, 

treading well-worn paths,

forced to half-heartedly greet many strangers along the way.

The rugged roads unknown.

Private views not to be shown.

Quiets moments of solitude and peaceful surrender unfamiliar.

The wandering faithful Moose stops every now and again 

to feel in to the Right direction

observing the way the water flows 

through the contours of the hillsides 

as they shape the streams and waterfalls home.

The hawk takes a practice flight 

just to sense the present strength of the winds.

Has the dew lifted yet for the bear 

to pursue in scent the nearest berry patches?

Every day, we must seek Th path 

and live the Right Way in Spirit, and every

new day, we will arise and arrive 

Right where we always belong.