Written by Yz13ey

I was dead/
Walking with no knowledge of self/
Health is wealth/
But i was poor/
Black in my eyes/
Smoke in my nose/
My heart wasn't even on/
Lost souls were my friends/
Parties were sad and lonely functions/
Singing out cries for help/
Magic in my veins/
Talented were we all/
Music to basketball/
Save me/
Friends lost/
Save me/
One day the sun shined down/
Like a chariot of fire/
Lifted me up/
Told me to wear my crown/
Taught me to stand up/
Like a father/
Reunited me with my seastars, mothers and brothers/
Giant dynasty of royalty/
With a true legacy/
I was rescued from my personal cage/
You see i was dead/
But thirteen brought me back to life/
Thirteen gave me breath/
Thirteen gave me water and sun/
Thirteen gave me purpose/
My heart was switched on/
Thirteen love is power/
The power to grow and love/
The highest kind of love/