Written by Ryan Anu Bey

Your Soul is part of Th Eternal flame

Th Guide force that lights Th Way

Back to our Home beyond Th Milky Way

Magnetically charged 

to return from whence you came

Who Will return Home 

after the Apocalypse of Th Soul?

Big fiery Suns of Light will cast forth their support

Annihilating those mistaken 

of Th Most High’s Glory

Sent backward for yet another Epoch story.


What things on Earth can withstand 

the coming Cosmic Fire?

Nothing to hold onto, no dream, unattached desire

Cause this Kingdom has been reduced to a putrid pestilence destined for firing

From what this once was, a Paradise removed

My goodness, what is to survive?

The Beauty? Many lives? What about the beehives?


Long ago, many soul seeds were planted to grow

The day is coming when these souls return Home

Suns & Stars into Heavens’ gates we go

A Light body with Milky Way Mamma yo!

Earth birthing portals beyond this construct

Denseness & heavy matters left behind (IT)

Can't take nothing but Light body & Soul

Part of the Eternal

Drawing closer to Home