Written by Yz13ey

We hate it/
It's one of the things we feel when we hate/
You can hear et in a singer's song/
A poet's poem/
We know this feeling all to well/
Recognized by tears, whimpers and screams/
The youth are now glorifying et/
Observing et, tasting it, smelling the pungent odor/
They inflict et on those they adore/
Women know this like the back of their hands/
Every curse and insult to you/
And all the doors that were slammed on your precious fingers/
When you just wanted opportunity/
But the pain you go through/
When a new life is trusted to you/
Beautiful pains/
No pain no gain/
No rain no sun/
Just an awkward darkness/
We think about others and how we miss them/
This pain is a lonely pain/
A growing pain/
Sometimes we're alone/
Turn this pain into joy/
Let et caress and no longer choke you/
We know we're alive because of this feeling/ 
We know et as pain/


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