Written by Ryan Anu Bey

We have gone far

really, really far

Many layers of Earth we’ve packed 

around our us

To protect our core because of a war

An ongoing war to steal our stars,

our gold, and to empty out our core.

Hollow out this place

Another vacancy in space

Where life once grew on the outer crust

to protect what is inside from the Star-t

A seed planted inside the Heart (EartH)

You are a star, a diamond, spirit, plants, 

water & minerals in a process.


In the process of being created (again)

Thieves prowl

Divine jewels being made in a galaxy..

A weaker species unaware of themselves

Yet, from outside, everything’s clear

Unprotected in fear

life force energies they’ll steal

       too impatience to stop our metamorphosis

Some are though

Some know very well

But forget the evil

We know they exist and to protect ourselves and give TMH's Th Ankhs

To those that want us freed from bondage

And to shine in the light of the All forever