Written by Yz13ey

We're inside her/
Equal to growing in a womb/
A deadly one at that/
Living in her imagination/
Never in control of the ship/
But always ready to navigate through her waters/
Tormenting the innocent just to spite her heavenly mother/
She will punish her daughter/
Temper tantrums here and there/
Sometimes ets police brutality/
But sometimes she lowers the gas prices/
She's so bipolar and i say this as if i know her/
I see her naked on street corners and i try to clothe her/
She won't let anyone clothe her/
Let alone hold her/
She's got a thorn in her back and she's got frozen shoulders/
She won't let anyone clothe her/
So she turns young boys into perverse old men/
She allows them to set the trends for the world through telivision and music/
Young girls see her and want what she has/ 
Which isn't much/
She's too proud and won't admit her fault/
Everyone knows pride comes before the fall/ 
Babylon falls/


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