Written by KMAC El Bey

Righteous soul, humble beginnings

Knowledge and wisdom, is never ending

Fountain of youth, vault of Royalty

Temple of Da Vine, Solar Queens Solar Kings

I am the sun, child of the Elohim

Thunder and lighting, I AM of warrior breed

Learning myself at a slow pace

Earning my EL, each and every day

There aint no way if et aint TMH's way

On this narrow road no I don't take the highway

Listen to my heart don't give a damn what Simon say

I AM the water so I Am the tidal wave

Feather on my crown to symbolize my heart 

Wasn't fakin then and aint no need to start 

My engine ready I don't need no keys to start

I takes on the biggest tasks cause I AM the Lionheart

Doing better than my best striving for perfection

Here and there I make mistakes learning from my lessons

Just wanna uplift my soul I counts zero blessings

Praise to Amma Mama, hum hymns to the heavens

Days are ticking, times moving fast

The only thought is in my head is how long we'll last

I know where I'm going so everyday I laugh

The best times to be alive so rejoice and be glad

Not dwelling on things in the past

Not sitting here thinking bout the wish I would haves

Networking makin moves refuse to sit on my ass

I'm bound to finish first cause I started off last

Cause my soul gone last symbology from the past

Always knew deep inside thats why I never was attached

Now he's resurrected, who done brought the King back

Give me all my gold you stole I'ma need that

Yeah we getting reparations cause we is nation, nation full of Tru Moors

TLC Divine Community the holy light source

Vampires would love to get a taste of this life force 

But at the same time they dread the day I was born

I would to, I'm like a thorn

But baby I got the horn et's time for my lions to roar

Worldwide Tru Moors, Tru Jewels, Tru lords

Full of fire, full of ether, so you know we gone soar.