Written by KMAC El Bey

Patience is a virtue my time I'm gladly waitin'

Wise with my time I am never contemplatin'

Still a child learning from the times I was mistaken 

Humble being these attributes despised by Satan

Never fakin', no pain no heatachin'

I'm just thankhful for my blissings I'm gladly waitin'

Only time will tell, Only time will reveal

Only time flyin' by and only time will heal

This is my will and my will is my palil

And my palil is a psalm I hums all day long

To TMH Elohim they make my life so supreme

Planted like a seed ready to grow like a tree

And keep growing for ever, forever and ever

Nonstop, I takes in every breathe, soak in every water drop

Bearing beautiful fruit feeding all my Ntr beings

Then they spread my seeds, long live the dynasty

All my time is invested in the finer things

And when I say the finer things, I do mean the diviner things

Most Highs keep providing me, with the right keys

To unlock the codes to the treasures inside of me

I love your lovin', I love your blissings

I love my life, cause I am gifted

I'm workin' hard for you, so you workin' hard for me

No complaints out of me I am your patient starseed.