Written by Sirius Cat Bey 616

Self-oscillating, a will to take flight
Nappy hair, electric coily and tight
Snapping;rippling from nothing
High vibrational pitch in our ears ring
Still.. in his throne the self-oscillating king

Like honey bees converting pollen to gold
Undulating variables oracles being told
Cosmic trigger "pop" scintillating ray gun
Constant fluctuation photosynthesis shining sun

Sound waves alternating rainbow swing
Rotating, incandescing flare makes yah sing
Full of momentum glowing wings open to glide
Transforming etheral currents subtle water slide
Breathing in and out surfing intersteller tide

Self-oscillating naturally modifying permutations
Mathmatical sequences light code integrations
Universal law everythings in constant motion
Have to be still to innerstand a self-oscillating notion