Written by Ma'Ran Patrycyus Dada Dey

My loc hair blow en th air/ my intent blow like th wind/ intent clear like water/ let's dive en th deep end/ earth strong everyday/ you moor like weekends/ depressing as et sounds/ et es what et es/ let's vibrate higher noun/ inner child not a kid/ lower self es a clown/ opposite of this es higher consciousness/ Krst-Allat/ AMMAMAMA back/ duality a must/ en her I put my trust/ unit we stand/ Dark-Womb-Man/ grounded like th tree/ rooted next to me/ side to side same species/ frichy, itchy, electricity feel th inner-G/ I AM THAT I AM repeat/ Nine Thirteen/ en other words Divine Serpents/ Naganis & Nagas/ IT turned against us/ fish out of water/ lethal stab to the guts/ cause of your haste hate I remain/ you mad so what/ from my belly I laugh/ to stay on the right path/ use these words as my craft/ productive mind what I have/ where my heart on my shoulder/ off & done with th drugs yeah I'm sober/ bright & light as a feather/ come with Stern like th Father/ but always kind like th Mother/ from HER es everything/ deny this surely death your bring/