Written by Mishaal Talib Mahfuz El Bey

Love is the most powerful force of creation, one that heals and causes devastation. With this one is protected, and never neglected. It is the great salvation, the giver of strength and the re-newer of nations. Love is the first and last solution, love is the highest form of evolution. One who draws from the well of love shall never be conquered, will never despair and always prosper. Though its been said more than a million times indeed, at the end of the day love is all you need. Though demons hate and despise your flavor, know that a smile of true self-assurance shuts down any hater. Love alone will carry thee, for it is the reason we are forgiven for our temerity. It is the spirit of those who are courageously bold, it is the quilt that keeps us warm in a world so cold. Love is power and transformation, the face of the creator and thou's truest manifestation. Love quite simply cannot be beat, it is the source of infinite energy that will never deplete. Love is the answer to every parable that was ever written, and the disrespect thereof the cause of those who have been and will be smitten. Love is the key that unlocks the door, to true peace that will last evermore. Love is the first commandment and must always be kept, for it is the beginning and the last step.

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