Written by Muurxitaw Kirkland Bey

Galaxy lady mystery woman 4x

A King can't go higher than a Kween
Cause she th one brought em on th scene
She truthful she don't need to scheme
Piss her off she'll shoot a beam

Right to your heart
Let u kno from th start
Cause she always plotting her mark
She feline so she don't bark

So elegant n she carry et well
Covered up head to toe u can tell
Dat she ain't of dis world
Her hair spirals or et curls

Natural beauty she love herself
But she humble not full of herself
She put jezibels to shame
She don't even got a name

Chorus 4x

Verse 2
She ancient in her ways
She a Bey or a Dey
So u kno she don't play
Piss her off u gotta pay

But ets all wit love
Cause she gon rise above
Nonsense push or shove
She despise lawless scrubs

From Lyra nah Sirius
Cause her look is furious
Cause they took her from th throne
Now she wanna go home

She float like a butterfly she sting like a bee
But she gon b th best u see
Yust make sure u treat her right
Cause she is th key to life

Chorus 4x