Written by Yz13ey

Oh beggar man
What do you desire most?/
Some say money/
Others say power/
The power of a god/
The riches of a sultan/
What do you desire?/
Name et and et shall be yours!/
Silks and satins?/
Diamonds and rubies?/
The finest of wines?/
Gold and silver to last several lifetimes?/
What do you desire?/
Expensive oils and perfumes?/
Pastries and cakes?/
Do you desire feasts and celebrations in honor of your name?/
Do you desire worship from strangers?/
All bowing down to you/
Frankincense rubbed on your feet/
Jewels on your fingers/
Armies at your disposal/
Oh beggar man/
Do you desire a castle?/
Servants for every need/
Robes in your closet/
A throne room made from your riches/
Do you desire the sky?/
Every moon and star/
The heavens will be yours, if that's what you desire!/
Oh beggar man/ 
Tell me what you desire most/
The beggar smiled and said/
I desire water/