Written by Cayenne Dey

love and light, through Yah, I find

troubles and sorrows, through Yah, I leave behind
fear and regret, through Yah, I cast aside,
my true essence, through Yah, begins to rise

glowing and growing, the love overflowing
sent from above, the celestial truth that is showing

I usually question; but in Yah, there is a knowing

sunlight basking,

a soul everlasting


could this really be happening?

rising to Rah, 

with roots so deep.

while Mother Earth

is wrapped around my feet.

denied the denial

for this is worthwhile

a bittersweet truth

flowing through me

like the Nile

these words are all I have,

yet they are not my own.

in fact, nothing here is,

besides the Soul to you,

I have shown.