Written by Asra-sost Ibnma Bey

Take me to a place where

The ex-caged birds’ song’s praise

Breeze of psalms, Feng Shui’d in the Suns rays

Where freedom Sings out from Sunday to Sunday

From Sun up unto Sun up

Cause the moon gets stuck

Leaving us…

In the boundless light of Hashem

Hailing in a chorus unmeant to end


For We were once ashes

Dusted in debris

Enwrapped by the tangled threads of death


Slowly wallowing….


into the mouth of the wicked




Our pride is all et took…


Humble Heals….


Vicious valleys strengthen


Glory be to the road We’ve taken


Simplicity washes you away


(Streams of worldly dreams)


Cease to cling in the deep waters of your breath


When i in-hail the unseen i ex-hell


A requenched zeal forms from my true means


For my soul's sake and….


Each moment i cherish this


In gratitude's chariot


im taken…


To a place of chief delight


Where i humbly play my role


As a small organ…


Stored within


The body of Christ


Those around are crowned in the same image


Reflections captured as we moor a shore...


So take me where da essene fisherman's cord


Gathers his final catch of all those who followed the call


Heeders of the narrow steps


(T)hose who (L)istened (C) arefully


Will find this place that Amma mama has prepared per thee


Silence is as golden they say


In her we reminisce the Golden Gates


Re-glimpse the Golden Trumpets play


And as they blow away,


Pettiness dissipates


Clarity clearly illustrates


The grand portrait


In the grand scheme


Of my Destin of which Art in heaven..


My only will is to be essene clean


As i'm beheld in the foyer of my Abbas pupils   


Without any talons of guilt coasting the winds to grip my men…


Tall i will to stand even though a droplet in my creator's hand


At this moment may not my heart be shaken


Rather let et lightly float




A place where i too can be Taken