Written by Yz13ey

I know i am young/

And i know i don't know much/

But what i do know for certain/

You are beautiful/

For you are like flowers in bloom/

As i wake up and see your face, i smile/

My smile is ok but your smile is divine/

Delicate but strong/

Like a womb/

My robes aren't new and my sandals are worn/

And my appearance is not impressive/

I can't read palms but i see strength in your hands/

Not a masculine strength/

But a strength that allows you to give birth to royalty/

A strength that allows you to raise royalty on your own/

A strength i'd like to paint one day soon/

The wrinkles in your hands will come/

When you and i return to our garden/

But you will be rejuvenated/

Your eyes alight with wisdom/

I will protect you not dominate you/

I will listen to your wisdom/

I will be rejuvenated by your words/

As long as you have need of me, i'll be present/

I am complete in your presence/

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