Written by Famos Amos Bey

Honor due to Purity

Brethren to Love

For your trying of hearts and Kidneys

Baptized Yahs Salvation, our white Dove


From Th womb they came

To accomplish a mission with no shame

Many experiences to travel both lanes

To guide the lost and TMHs to proclaim


Many Imperfections

If sinless cast the first Stone

Part with un-spiraling Discussions

Harmony is here and she sets the Tone


Rumors of Wars

Years of Divisions

Lighten your Hearts

Stay focused, 20/20 vision


Destruction must come

Then comes unification 

Th heart beat must drum

Then comes Th healing of Th nations


To everyone a gift

To everyone a story

Yah's temple is a myst

My-story, Never His-story


Keep Th faith and Endure

Merçi Amoré

Let IT go like Manure

Harmony time, HalleluYah, Glory