Written by Famos Amos Bey

Dig deep to Th lowest of Lo's

Yah Th Mediator, balancing Th seed of life

Reach high to Th highest of hi's

All the El's of Ment in Unison wins Th prize


Most Hi's You are so Wise

Th blacker Th berry, Th sweeter Th YOUse 

Knowin' we had to go low in order to rise

Th Bigger Th Tree, Th deeper the roots


Yah Th tru Alchemist

Carbon remedy for Th Glow Sun

Never miss, just reminisce

Lonely Souls organic Potion


Sun came through womb for a mission

Th Shepard, Apostle, Th Rabbi

Time to gather Th righteous of many nations

No HELLo's, Moor Heaven Hi's