Written by Ramoon Dah'muur™

She puts the M in mmmm. 
The one that I admire with feet like bronze as if they been burned & furnace in fire
So Modest and we'll covered, i look at her first as mother
Her smile is equal to the frequency of kittens that purr
I bet lioness lips have the finest kiss of purr bliss
Just a fact she thinks before she reacts
She learn that best from the game of chess
She knows her Roots, that's why she don't dress like a whore but a Moor
A Moor that I adore
The one with the 144
A Essene Queen, seed of Elohem
Her eyes smile b4 her mouth, reminds me of looking at pictures of owls
Our conversations bee on another level and we don't even speak
Most of our communication is non verbal.. telepathy
She is the definition of a Moabite Prototype
I am her comforter, protector, her king and moorish Knight
She wears her crown,  that 1 plus a dozen. With the wisdom she speaks thru her essence you would think she was Yeshua cousin, 
We Intertwin & bind like a compound word,
Beloved . By the Law of Yah she is my Bey.
With US their is No me just We.. and we stay warm thru Yahs fire like a match made in heaven.