Written by Ndi E. Bey

Have you seen a bee in its breeze?
Whilst the thirsty chase salt, upon their knees;
The sweetest, sipping, and humming with the trees
Unlike the average birds, casting stones, like melodies
Remember the process of patience, upon the mix?
Finger-licking, rubbing, and whipping the bricks;
Queen of the hive has had her licks,
Suns of the live--stocking their fists,
Buzzing like the calls, that even move the pen
Some can never put a finger on "all" that within
Spiraling to the higher tree; with a little spin
Currency coming; so its just raining 'minute-men'
All that work and watt in 'not' about one bee
How could they not see?
Serving close up shots, in the land of the free
Now, whom is going to take that from me?
The maker of that hive is of "having" by the "she"
The bee soon wraps its legs upon their shirts
No lie: the aura of the Earth, never hurts
Although, there is pain in the sting as its spurts
Like joy to the veins as happiness exerts,
Light heart's producing that heavy-weight
Crooked people, but heaven is straight
Breezes flowing from state to state
Natural Constellations; honey-comb shape