By Ciro Alma Bey™

As a seed you Grow,

As THe Soul/Soil is formed.


Sparked Anu,

As THe Heart/Earth is warmed.


Looking within, Back to your Roots.

Nature prevails as THe source that Fruits.


Take a stand & claim again,

Your Heritage within a Universal Plan.


Be Harmonized with what’s inside,

Back Align with Nature’s Rhyme.


Spiraling Up, All in time,

You Will reach The Keeper’s vine.


With New Keys gained, New Leaves will Reign.

Your Blood will flow, pure as The Rains.


And Together again in Unity you Shine…

Bee as your roots foretold,

& Follow THe signs.


Rise back as THe Pines, to seek your Mine.

Reaching through THe eternal sunshine.


Then, written in Time, as cycles align,

You will Plant new seeds,

Right in Soul, Body, & Mind.