By 13 Tariq Moore-Bey™

My song shall never fade
For a winged psalm never meets the horizon
So the sun of my praise will forever make day
As eternal winds compose notes on the seas of my soul
Even the shells of sea Record eternity of this melody
For my song shall never fade
Though the time of sands small grains can bring much pain
My song will never change
Notes of hope
A brush of trust
Righteousness thy Rhythm
Sailing through melodies memory
Lane in the pastures of my creation
Where I sang a song of salvation
Conceived to be so shall i be sound
To follow thy command
Mother fine tune the strings of my heart
Lighten my harp
The heart of my strings
Grace that you bring
Thanksgiving at hand
Spirit lifted with palms
I open the Windows of soul to listen from the ears of Corazõn
Reassuring it won't be too long
For infinity Hymns a Glorious psalm