By GoldenChild Bey 13

I am moor 

Never the less 

Bee the best that I can bee 

It's a work in progress 

Life putting me to The test 

I must graduated from stress 

I must Rio Bey the right ways 

To gain 13Clarity™ on the daily 

Keep buzzin  like a[🐝]

Because I'm back to Beeing Natural 

No B-lacking 

Learning to have morals 

Learning responsibility 

So I can connect back to The Moor Als 

Deep sea diving with The Most Highs 

Connecting back with realignment  

Activate my righteous mind

Rise up to bee that Golden Child 

Can't worry about the fights 

Vengeance is The Most Highs 

So rejoice in these times 

The Kingdom is not far away 

Love and faith will keep me grounded 

Gotta bee Moor 

13Love Community™ Private is where my heart rests