The finest seed sown in the soil
Waits beneath the light
And reaps a harvest to the loyal
Man that soweth right
For in each seed there is a plan
Words written long ago
To multiply throughout the land
And watch the grapevine grow
Beneath the dirt of our blue Earth
Flows water from the Sea
To teach all seeds of their true worth
And set the captives free
Some drink the water from this well
To learn of who they are
And shed the binds of their dead shell
To grow up to our star
The son of suns shining bright
Who teaches all we know
Shines the brilliance of his light
To help the young seeds grow
Some seeds will find all that they need
To sprout up big and strong
Some seeds will find they are a weed
And wither before long

The speedy sprout without strong roots
Will fall from it's own pride
Premature weight from hardened fruits
The path is not that wide
Some seeds will rise with rhyme and reason
Spiraling to their prime
For everything there is a season
All things in due time
And in the spring the bees will come
All buzzing in a swarm
They'll show the sprouts just how to hum
And stay warm in the storm
April showers bring May flowers
Da vine is in full bloom
Harvesting heavenly powers
Beneath the silvery moon
The time has come to harvest now
For those who planted right
Your actions are your divine plow
Our seeds are what we write
And if you find seeds from your past
Laid barren to your dismay
Replant your seeds until they last
For today is anu day