By @TheEraNow

I inspire to walk through the fire and not get burned by a flame, only to burn away the false and the fake and leave only the truth to remain, to be clean spotless without a stain, to rise higher, to build myself up to the mount to the top of the tower and return to where I came, shrugging off the weight I gain along the way, pulling me down, causing me pain. Until the day, that I can say I am painless, I have peace I have no stress, and I tackle problems that life presents in the present without resent, and from where I have fallen I have risen, passing every test that tries to tarnish my will and my strength and tries to keep me in prison, I think outside the box, stand on my square circle it off and I stay in my prism, there is no one that can take what is G-d given, so I forever have faith, turning my back on the world’s ways so to G-d I face, the truth the way is what I trace, until with G-d I have found my place.