By 13 Tariq Moore Bey™

Hit with jabs of butterflies
Seeing her hijab wrapped tightly

must have respect for the almighty

and her self of course if I could only coast through her mind

stumble upon the of the source of what makes her carry herself so devine

Respect is in the essence of her gravitational pull

This is a queen fools just can't pull with intentions of lust

Her turban marks her wisdom cause in Yah she trust

you can try to seduce her but only a righteous king can incite a blush

he who see's her soul far beyond the flesh

deep inside her temple where she sits upon her throne

an example for a girls right to passage into womanhood

this tradition she carries is ancient

knowing the womb she carries is sacred

the portal from star systems to birth nations on earth

well aware of her worth

so come correct when you approach her forget her body and bask in her character

know why she's covered from head to toe she doesn't deppreciate her inner glow

may we all appreciate the blow

of fresh air that her aura brings contrasting a euphoric breeze

cause this isn't your average female address her by Queen

since she honors herself by reclaiming her royalties with Modest(steez)™