A bright star, you know who you are

Making her way to bee a Super-Star!

She has dreams and aspirations,

Fixed on making it

Until she realizes that the world is fixed on breaking it

She toss and she turns, screams “what’s going on”

While many … many others are singing the same sad song

Her dream was to be “this” and bet she would have “that”

But life thought it better to help her see where her heart was at

It’s not that she won’t make it, better yet… forget the world

It’s the pressure that she would go through to shine like a beautiful pearl

Like the gold, oil and diamonds

It takes patience and perseverance and to never… NEVER settle

Pressure burst pipes and also makes diamonds

This SeaStar has what it takes and there is no denying

Time is of the essence in this up and down world

But when the time is right, will the light shine bright on this precious beautiful pearl

You know the end to this story, for you are that pearl

Gold, Diamonds and Precious metals … girl you “rock this world”

In Essence, this star would have learned a valuable lesson

That The Most High Creators placed her among other stars, the moon, and the Sun, to forever shine,

forever One.