Our dreams are forever Moor, plans await beyond open doors.

Higher and higher, further and further.

So far ahead you'd think (IT) was murdered.

Glidin' an Shinin', THEY said they stopin' us,

but you missed the PART, they lyin' w/o a TRUST.

Do you, WE MU-ST

Do US? You fussed...

You missed the train, catch a BUs...

TLC aRe. Strong.

You was wrong.

Your days are numbered, steady long.

While we sing and right beautiFULL Psalms.

Bzzz Anu, Renew U.

RePent and hope your time isn't wasted, spent.

Breath through, dead food is glUe.

RePent, RePent, LifE is a gift


Follow through, shortened que.

Time will FLy, and you wIll,


Learning & Earning,

TLC shINE, Forever burning.