Spiraling learning growing detaching humbling strengthening faithfully sowing good seeds cultivating good deeds intentionally flowing poetically rowing navigating invoking spoken victory spirituality physically mentally 13righteously opposite side of thee impeccably pitifully spitefully striving new heights for me soulfully singing rightfully destiny journey path peaks valleys brightfully riding waves extremely seemingly endlessly excitingly magnetizing inside of me
Expanding refusing losing winning beginnings begging asking for forgiving lending receiving gracefully new obstacles and shapes for me taken on patiently solidarity moving not competitively no race for me shouting spouting distractive mouthing nothing they love bothering irritating the chosen wastefully shedding heading to a place real for me building shielding Note-ing no vacancy for concealing paliling painting naturally meditating forgetting escalating remembering Pondering RESCing rescuing reducing maneuvering reserving preserving keeping eyes peeled observing focusing seeking evolving thinking syncing puzzle piecing fog piercing spell breaking sun baking move making demon shaking most highs praising forever eternally yearning SIRIUSly heavenly motherly fatherly presence me! im restlessly progressively bettering simplifying self realigning realizing that I know
......... nothing