By Cyrus Bey™


Looking deep into my eye. The World is all a lie.
I am everything, to the girl sitting across from me to the burning star at the end of time.
I AM not this flesh or mind. What I am is divine.
Infinity thru the grapevine, eternity in heaven or hell either way its all in my mind.
YahWeh told us I am all that I am.
Satan made us hate the feminine principles, Forced us to embrace the man.
When deep down our souls are the womb-man.
Aside from that, the dream world is the real promise land.
Making our precious thoughts create this land.
Ever changing, fast or slow, god's vision is in our DNA strands.
Going smaller, smaller and smaller into your soul you'll get bigger, and bigger into the arks covenant.
And that's to infinity and beyond.. But this poem cannot explain in language what you truly are.
Go inside and realize the vast eternity of heaven is in you.

(Inspired by Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross)