By Roots Bey


My mental gets soothed by instrumentals

just the thought gets my heart sentimental

eager to grab the pencil

to let one go, no rental

my intent is to uplift the youth even the infants

I don't care if I get paid ten cents

cuz the wealth is in the heart

come pure when you start

pushing through the lanes like grocery carts

never stagnant like cars parked
at the park after dark

hoping to kiss the girl who got your heart

cuz I got a fire sparked
on the insides

that's where I go to meet th most highs

got a smile on my face all day and night

everyday a beautiful one to be alive

which is why I th ankh th most highs

in the sun bakin sun shakin off the forsaken

I can feel the floor shakin

earth's elevating to a better destination

don't get fooled by new age deception

that'll erode your perception

we in hell but think you made it to heaven

we in Satan's realm it's a given

why you think everybody is lawless and still sinning?

I'm just trying to do my part to stay winning