{Come out of her my people,to come out of hurt. Find the will to let go and heal.
To enter the gates the path is straight, not broad. 
We must defy the odds, one-hundred and forty-four thousand even.
The heathens and this world, we are leavin.
The time is near, faith is our armor gear, once we let go of fear, nothing can harm us dear.
As long as we stay clear,forever prepared….
For the gates that are pearly and golden.
Until then we will detach, detox, and deprogram}

The time has come to RIOBEYORIGINALS, while ye abide by the laws of DA13THSUN,in yah pyramid sigil, SOON YOU WILL SEE the visuals and that's CLARITYDAILY, some days may be rocky and filled with haze, ask Tmhs to guide you through the darkness like a lantern from  Adele’sElectric Rays ™ , all test come from above, we can only triumph if we BEEZNATRUAL24/7LOVE and that’s, the truth be told, the chosen will shine like AQUARIUSGOLD.

Always stay true to your soul, that’s devine loyalty and the will to BEEROYALTY,.
...So continue to grow and glow, all the while letting the GOOD-VYBEZ flow.
...Remember we must keep the light sheltered within ya’ll, let ixora Maizonet garb ye in a righteous palil shawl, because ye are souls of the ancient, not the urban, strap up yah INNERARMOUR and cover ye dome with a TELOH V turban.

Psalm 1:1 reads, blissed is thee whoms counsels is not of fools. Exodous 29 told ye where to place the CROWNJEWELS. So bound not to foolery, meditate on AMMA and come back to ZEROPOINT like the jewlery. I will ye never stray, overcome the weariness by tuning into the psalms of CHI BEY, fret not the works of satan, cause when the righteous unite ye are destined for ELUMINATION

Through the trials never ye panic, for Tmhs will refresh you like the scent of AROMAOILGANICS, ye are finally sailing home, the road get’s rock but YAH will always remove the kinks like HOMEGROWNCOMBS.
Because ye are the chosen, the SUPERMANA, copper conductor, with the COPPERESSENTIALS, realigning the body with the spirit and mental, to 13KRSTALIGN….

Purge away the sins like AJANATURALS cleans dirt from the skin. Siteth on the seat of ye soul and put on ye KROWN13, While ancestors sheild your essence from every angle, being ORBGEAR……

How pleasant to know, we are on the path to become BETTERBEINGS, each and everyone of us with T.hirteen L.ove and C.are. oh how beautiful that ye are grateful for every breathe, like Queen MYRA MELENDEZ sang, we shouldn’t be careless

We are on our way to ascend 13love community worldwide, coming into one like HASHEM, was his spirit,i’m imagining, behind the inspiration for TLC MAGAZINE